Conference Theme

"Communities, connections and the economy"

Now, more than ever, cycling has the potential to play a key part in the economic development of New Zealand. The 7th NZ Cycling Conference aims to bring together a wide range of people who share this vision and can make it happen.

The conference theme combines a number of intertwined issues:

  • Communities: Cycling can enhance the viability of local communities and towns, by providing sustainable accessibility to key services. Communities can also tap into the social, environmental and economic benefits that cycle networks and cycle tourism bring with them.
  • Connections: There is a continuing need for completing physical cycle networks, be it a national cycleway or a local commuting route. At the same time, the many sectors that affect or are affected by cycling also need to better connect, including transport, health, tourism, education, environment, sport/recreation, and economic development.
  • The Economy: Given the current global financial climate, everything that we do should provide sustainable economic development. Cycling can demonstrate that in a variety of ways, in terms of reduced oil dependence, better health balance sheets, economic revitalisation of small communities, and so on.

Through a combination of plenary sessions, short presentations, workshops and networking, participants will explore these issues.

Download the attached conference flyer for an overview of the conference programme and registration information:

NZ Cycling Conference Flyer (pdf)349.06 KB