Proceedings 2009

Below is a schedule of the 2009 conference programme, with conference papers and presentations made available where those were provided.

Note: not all presentations had an accompanying paper. If you are a presenter and your paper is not listed here, please contact us.
- ZIP file of all papers (7.7MB)

Programme and Proceedings

Conference Opening, Welcome by New Plymouth Mayor Peter Tennent
Keynote Speech: Cycling England - Making the Connection - Phillip Darnton (Cycling England)
 Phillip Darnton keynote (8.4MB)
Plenary Session: Cycling and the NZTA; an update - Lisa Rossiter (NZ Transport Agency) Lisa Rossiter plenary
Keynote Speaker: Increasing levels of cycling is healthy public policy - Chris Rissel
 Chris Rissel keynote (6.8MB)
Plenary Session: The New Zealand Cycle Trail - Ray Salter (Ministry of Tourism) Ray Salter plenary (5.0MB)
Session 1A - Developing Great Cycle Rides  
A Little Goes a Long Way - Cycling Infrastructure in the Australian Capital Territory: Peter Thompson (Roads ACT)
paperPeter Thompson presentation
Heretaunga Ararua - “Land of 100 Pathways”: Brian Fisher (Sport Hawkes Bay) Brian Fisher presentation (6.3MB)
Great Urban Rides - developing showcase cycle routes for Auckland: Pippa Coom (Cycle Action Auckland), Julian Hulls (NextBike) Pippa Coom presentation
Community Led Cycling Success: Roger Burra (Opus Wellington) Roger Burra presentation
Session  1B - Promotion & Initiatives
Linking the BikeWise chain – local, regional and national: Amy England (NZTA), Kate Mackenzie (Environment Bay of Plenty) Kate Mackenzie presentation
Bobbies on Bikes: Marg Parfitt (Nelson City Council) Marg Parfitt presentation
GetAcross - An example of “People Power”: Bevan Woodward (Better World Transport Planning) Bevan Woodward presentation
Bike Now - Building Sustained Participation in Cycle Commuting: Carolyn O’Fallon (Pinnacle Research; author), Steve Cable (ViaStrada; presenter)websiteCarolyn O’Fallon presentation
Session  2A - Pedestrians and Cyclists   
Minimising Pedestrian-Cyclist Conflict on Paths: Fiona MacColl (Australian Bicycle Council)
paperFiona MacColl presentation (6.0MB)
Cyclist / Pedestrian Conflict on shared paths - Who Gives Way? : Peter Kortegast (Opus Nelson) Peter Kortegast presentation (6.0MB)
Travelling Together – on foot, by bike: Liz Thomas (Living Streets Aotearoa) Liz Thomas presentation
Session  2B - Marketing and Information  
Beyond the Bike Wise Business Battle: Helen Fitt (Landcare Research NZ) Helen Fitt presentation
Wellington Journey Planner: Simon Kennett (Greater Wellington Regional Council)paperSimon Kennett presentation
The spatially knowledgeable cyclist: Steve Southall (Plexus Consulting), Brian Horspool (ARTA)paperSteve Southall presentation
CAN Cycle Friendly Awards  CFA presentation
Keynote Presentation - Cycling makes Sense: Phillip Darnton (Cycling England)
 Phillip Darnton keynote 2
Session  3A - The Case for Cycling
The Economic business case for Cycling: Julie Anne Genter (McCormick Rankin Cagney), Jason Morgan (NZTA) Julie Anne Genter presentation
Value for money - Recent and emerging research development: Tim Hughes (NZTA) Tim Hughes presentation
Estimating Demand for Selwyn's Cycleways: Andrew Macbeth & Megan Fowler (ViaStrada), Lee Wright (Selwyn DC)paperAndrew Macbeth presentation
Session 3B - Physical Activity and Health
Active Transport and Health: Chris Rissel (University of Sydney) Chris Rissel presentation
Improving health outcomes through walking & cycling: Rose Richards (University of Otago) Rose Richards presentation
"Activate for summer" programme Sport BOP: Jessica Meade, Sandy Ritchie, Lisa Mansell (Sport Bay of Plenty)paperJessica Meade presentation
Session  4A - Inspiration from Elsewhere
Investing in a Cycling Network in South East Queensland: Doug Woodbury & Alton Twine (Queensland Department Transport Main Roads)paperDoug Woodbury presentation (8.3MB)
Bicycle friendly communities in the US - inspiration for NZ? : Stephen Wood (CAN)paperStephen Wood presentation
Australian Cycling Promotion Fund: Rosemarie Speidel (Cycling Promotion Fund)    Rosemarie Speidel presentation
Session  4B - Planning for Cycling  
Reduced Traffic Speeds in NZ - Benefits and Barriers: Bevan Woodward (Better World Transport Planning)paperBevan Woodward presentation (5.0MB)
Walking & Cycling on Auckland State Hwy Network: Keith Pauw (NZTA) Keith Pauw presentation (5.5MB)
Lake Road cycle options: Andrew Macbeth (ViaStrada) & Chris Jones (North Shore City Council)paper (2.1MB)Andrew Macbeth presentation
Auckland CBD Gateways - walking and cycling study: Matthew Hinton (AECOM Akld), Claire Covacich (Akld CC), Will Thresher (Thresher Assoc) Matthew Hinton presentation
Session  5A - Design & Implementation remits   
Painting the Town Red Green: Mark Edwards (NZTA)paperMark Edwards presentation
Electronic Cycle Warning Signage: Peter Kortegast & Jessica Fleet (Opus Nelson)
 Peter Kortegast presentation
Road Maintenance - Subtle Changes Make A Difference: Caroline Rea (Opus Rotorua)
 Caroline Rea presentation (6.0MB)
Cyclists & Multi-lane Roundabouts: Duncan Campbell (Traf Eng Solutions)
paper (1.8MB)
Duncan Campbell presentation
Broken Yellow Lines in Kerbside Cycle Lanes: Axel Wilke (ViaStrada) & Michael Ferigo (Christchurch City Council)
paperAxel Wilke presentation
Session 5B - Making Cycling Happen
Creating a Cycling Culture In New Zealand: Kieran Turner (BikeNZ)
 Kieran Turner presentation
Overcoming barriers to cycling to school: Hamish Mackie (TERNZ)
 Hamish Mackie presentation
Living life in the fast lane - creating a generation of confident and capable cyclists in NZ: Rachel Algar (Opus Hamilton), Gerry Dance (NZTA)
 Rachel Algar presentation
Attracting the Next 10% of Cyclists with the Right Infrastructure: Simon Kingham, Glen Koorey & Katherine Taylor (University of Canterbury)
paperGlen Koorey presentation
Closing Plenary and Review Session
Ten Years On - has cycling got 'Into the Mainstream'? : Roger Boulter (Boulter Consulting)
paperRoger Boulter presentation
Comments from Keynote Speakers: Phillip Darnton and Chris Rissel 
Conference Wrap-Up, Summary of Key Issues Raised: Glen Koorey (CAN)